Monthly Archives: November 2011

Feature Friday: November 11, 2011

Well, it’s 11/11/11 — a date that will never occur again! It’s also a day to remember those who have died in the many armed conflicts of the past century or so. I hope you all take a minute or …

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Top 5 Single-Stage Snowblowers

Last week we went over some of the basic differences between single and dual-stage snow blowers as well as a pretty quick description of some of the other snow-removal tools you’ll likely need this winter. Today we’re reviewing the top …

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Be prepared for Winter’s worst

We all know it’s coming, Winter’s on its way. In the northern outpost that is Edmonton, Canada (where Jobber is headquartered), we almost always get a dump of snow before Halloween. This year we’ve been lucky so far, but it’s …

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