Posted on: April 2, 2012

Performance, Performance, Performance


Two months ago we added auto-scheduling to Recurring Contract Jobs in Jobber. Since then, we have been blown away by how popular this feature is. New users would add hundreds of year long contracts in a single night, creating many thousands of visits. As you might imagine, this resulted in some performance problems.

We’ve spent the last few days rebuilding many aspects of our Task Management system, and it’s now faster than ever. Common actions like rescheduling a contract are performing over 20 times faster! The calendar and scheduler also received a number of significant performance updates.

We plan to improve the performance in every corner of the software over the next few months as we continue to grow. Until then, thanks for using Jobber, we’re sorry for our previous slowness, and we hope you enjoy our faster task management!

The Jobber Team

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