Some Improvements to Tell You About

  • April 27, 2011
  • admin
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We’ve been working hard since our last update to the blog on a bunch of improvements, some new features, and a few bug fixes. We thought we would make a quick post and tell you about a few of them.

First off we’ve made a handful of enhancements in the background that should improve overall performance of the system across the board.

We’ve also implemented a sophisticated geocoding system that automatically determines latitude and longitude co-ordinates for properties you enter into the system. This allows us to provide you with the most precise maps we possibly can, and is the first step in implementing a number of exciting features we have planned for the future. As an added bonus, our geocoding service fetches all kinds of additional information about the property addresses that you enter, so you can enter partial information, and any blank fields will be populated for you automatically. For example, if you enter a street address and city, like “10916 University Ave.” and “Edmonton”, our geocoding system will automatically fill in the Province, Country and Postal Code fields for you. Very handy.

Lastly we’ve added a downloadable Schedule Report to the Dispatch system. This new feature provides you with a PDF document containing all of the scheduling information you’ve specified in the Dispatch system for a particular day. The report contains a summary page, and is divided into sections by employee. Each employee section contains a map with pins corresponding to summary job information for the employee’s assignments.

Hopefully these new features scratch a few itches for everyone. Keep an eye on the blog for more to come!

The Jobber (Octopus) Development Team

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