Top 5 Single-Stage Snowblowers

  • November 8, 2011
  • Sam Pillar
  • General Interest

Last week we went over some of the basic differences between single and dual-stage snow blowers as well as a pretty quick description of some of the other snow-removal tools you’ll likely need this winter. Today we’re reviewing the top five single-stage snow-blowers. These are good options for light duty snow-removal or for urban/suburban home owners looking to keep their driveways and sidewalks clear this winter

5. Husqvarna (21″ 208 cc)

The Husqvarna ST 121E is a gas powered blower with electric start that offers a decent level of flexibility allowing you to adjust the chute on the fly. It’s also relatively light and easy to manoeuvre, with auger assisted push.

Check out more about the Husqvarna snowblower at the Husqvarna Website.

4. Murray (21″ 190cc)

The Murray 1695537 is another gas powered blow with electric start that is designed to handle light and dry snow to a depth of about 6″ with specs that are about average for a single-stage snow-blower. Its snow throwing however is limited to 20 ft., compared to more than 30 ft. for many of the other ‘blowers on this list. A decent choice if you can get it for the right price, but there are better options out there!

3. Craftsman (21″ 179 cc)

The Craftsman seems to be a pretty decent value for the money. This seems to be a favorite amongst some of the snow forum users. While the low power makes for limited snow throwing, it is reliable and starts easily, even in the coldest conditions. Besides not having a ton of power, some other limitations include a difficult to adjust chute, the fact it doesn’t do a great job of clearing right down to the pavement as well as its inability to deal with heavy, wet snow — but this is a common limitation of single stage snowblowers. Take a look at last weeks post on Snow Removal Equipment for a little bit of background. Remember, like any other Craftsman product this ‘blower has a fantastic warranty – something to keep in mind if you’re conscious of that sort of thing.

Check out more about this Craftsman snowblower at the Craftsman Website.

2. Honda (20″ 160 cc)

Coming in second is the Honda HS 621a. This snowblower will clear a 20″ path with relative ease. It does struggle with very heavy / wet snow, but for the most part it’s a great all around snow blower. One obvious benefit is that it’s a Honda so it’s incredibly reliable and parts are cheap and easy to find! It is self-propelled making it a good choice for those worried about the weight, you do have to keep up quite the pace as it motors along – some users have found they end up almost jogging behind it! Another notable weakness is the placement of the tires, it’s almost as if the wheels were an after-thought for Honda as they’re placed too far forward and too far outboard meaning that the machine tries to squat and climb over snow rather than picking it up and throwing it out of the way.

Check out more about this Honda snowblower here.

1. Toro (21″ 141 cc)

The Toro Power Clear is another gas powered blower that clears a 21″ path. This snow blower is the cream of the single-stage crop. While it still suffers from some of the same limitations that all single-stage snowblowers do, its design is largely able to mitigate them. First of all, the auger pivots meaning that it remains in contact with the pavement at all times. It’s also self-propelled, so all you need to do is get behind it and steer! Another great feature is that you can adjust the chute on the fly through the use of a handle mounted grip. If you’re hesitant to make the step up to a dual-stage snow blower, this is your best bet for an urban or suburban home. It should be able to handle pretty much anything mother nature can throw at you!

Check out more about the Toro Power Clear snowblower here.

Stay tuned, next up is a review of five dual-stage snow blowers!

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