Improved Field Service Scheduling in Jobber

  • May 11, 2012
  • Sam Pillar
  • New Features

PuppyLet’s face it: Scheduling is tough…so here’s a puppy.

Whether you’re doing it on pen-and-paper, with software, or using D12 dice, any approach is going to have challenges. Our job is to minimize them.

We’ve made a lot of progress with the Jobber Scheduling System over the past number of months, introducing new features, improving existing ones and enhancing performance along the way.

We’ve also received a lot of great feedback from our users, which has been essential in helping to make scheduling in Jobber better, and I’d like to thank everyone for their input.

We’re starting to move forward with a series of changes that will drastically improve scheduling in Jobber.

Read on to learn more about what’s changed, and what’s coming next.

We’ve Got Our Ear to the Ground

There are two common pieces of feedback we’ve been hearing, and this next batch of scheduling improvements will deal with them both.

  1. It’s a lot of effort and/or too confusing to set up my recurring contract jobs for maintenance based work.
  2. I have monthly contracts with my customers, but I need to bill them per visit, rather than at a fixed rate per month.

We’ve heard you loud and clear, and over the past month we’ve completely re-engineered the scheduling engine inside of Jobber in order to deal with these issues, as well as to better accommodate some awesome future functionality we’ve got on the drawing board.

Your Feedback = Improvements

Early this morning we deployed the first piece of our newly envisioned scheduling system. The new system fundamentally changes how scheduling data is dealt with internally, and improves stability, speed, and usability of the existing scheduling functionality. You won’t notice any significant changes to how scheduling works with this update, but there are a few important things to make note of:

  1. Now you can specify Time and Crew information right when creating a new Job. This is true for One Off and Recurring Contract Jobs. If you specify Time and Crew information for a Contract Job it will apply to all Visits for the Job.
  2. Now you can easily move and even delete Visits without worrying about any unexpected behaviour. It’s important to note that moving a single Visit has no effect on future Visits. If you would like to reschedule a Job so that it occurs every Wednesday instead of every Monday for instance, you can do so by editing the Job itself.
  3. A new tickbox has been added when editing a Visit that is labelled “Update all future Visits with this scheduling and crew information?” When this is ticked, any change to Time and Crew information on the Visit will apply to all future visits as well. There has also been a button added when viewing any Visit that performs this same action.
  4. We’ve made a nice little change to the crew selectors throughout Jobber. You’ll notice that it’s now a link that you click which lets you select or un-select multiple employees at once. Much quicker, and much nicer to use.

What’s Next

The next step in this series of improvements, now that we have a more solid foundation, is to build out Per-Visit Billing functionality. We know this is something that a lot of you in maintenance based landscaping have been asking for — we’re already hard at work on it, and we’ll have this exciting new functionality ready for you very soon.

Per-Visit Billing is exciting for a bunch of other reasons too. We’ll get into more detail in a future Jobber Blog post, but this new functionality will allow us to introduce Visit specific services for contracts, service templating, and other cool features to make managing your field service business even easier.

You can check out the updated Scheduling Documentation for more information about how scheduling works in Jobber. We also encourage you to watch the 20 minute Quick Start Tutorial Video if you haven’t already — it’s a great way to quickly get familiar with some of what Jobber can do.

We hope these changes are already helping you manage your business better, and we look forward to introducing the rest of our overhauled scheduling system! Stay tuned!

The Jobber Team

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